I wanna wake up in the city that never sleeps.

Rambo and I ran away for a weekend and went up north to New York City. As a good southerner, what I’m about to say is a bit controversial – I love New York City. It may well be the greatest city on Earth. I love the hustle and bustle of the streets and the vibrancy of life. The million and one things to do in NYC is another reason to love it. We landed in NYC just before lunchtime and we got down to business! Rambo and I are travelers who plan things to do, but not what to eat. We like to play a game of walking around and seeing what menus look inspiring and delicious. As we walked out from our hotel in search of lunch, we stumbled upon a cool joint called Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen. I was instantly intrigued by its retro kitchen decor. You place your order at the counter and then they give you a thing to put on your table so they know where to bring your food. This was pretty cool to me. Usually you just get a number that they call. Rambo went with the green chile cheese dog and I went with the (rather unusual) mac and joe. Basically, it’s a boat of mac n cheese and sloppy joe mix.
Rambo liked his dog, but said the chile to cheese ratio was a bit off – there were too many chiles and not enough cheese. Mine, on the other hand, was amazing. These two comfort foods came together to form a super-comfort food! It was the perfect balance of wrong and right. The sloppy joe was amazing with the creamy, cheesy mac and cheese. This was the perfect start to my whirlwind weekend in NYC. After we finished, we went for a wander around.

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