all the vegetables.

Rambo, Mom and I went into Dallas and went the the Farmer’s Market. It was a bit of an adventure, since Mom pretended to remember where it was! We had to call OnStar to give us directions. What an awesome place! There a building just for locally sourced veg and meat bought from the farmers and then there’s a building for larger produce dealers and then there’s a building for prepared foods like the Pecan Lodge BBQ and such. We started in the prepared foods and stumbled upon a woman selling Pappardelle’s pasta.

We were intrigued enough to buy the extreme habanero radiatore and the porcini mushroom linguine. More on those pastas in later posts, promise!

Then we went on to the locally sourced and larger producers to get some veg and some fruit.

The colors of everything were just so vibrant; it was gorgeous to walk around and see it all. There were loads of vendors offering samples of everything from pineapples to onions. If you’re in or around Dallas, I would highly recommend stopping by. We got an enormous head of cauliflower (that was at least 50% bigger than what I’ve bought at either a superstore or a green grocer’s) for half the price! We had some great deals here. Happy vegetable hunting!


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