Allée des Chênes.

Also known as Oak Alley Plantation in English. Oak Alley is just an hour outside of New Orleans, on the way to Baton Rouge. As we were driving down the country roads, we stumbled upon a brilliant sign. Stopping to take this photo probably wasn’t the best idea given the need for the existence of the sign. After several miles of winding country roads, you are finally graced with this beautiful sight:

We took a tour of the Big House and learned some of the history of the plantation. The tour focuses mostly on the Romans who built the current house and the Stewarts, the last owners of the plantation. The Stewarts bought the house and all 1200 acres for $50,000 in 1925. Granted, they had to put lots of money into the place to bring it back to its former glory – but I consider it quite a steal. There used to be a gorgeous semi-circular staircase, but it was destroyed over the years when animals hid from the elements inside the house. The tour guide said there were a few different occasions where people had stored livestock inside this beautiful plantation house. This staircase was built in lieu of the original.

That’s all folks!


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