Day 3: Poboys and Bourbon

We had intended on going to Avery Island to see the Tabasco Factory, but we had a late start and couldn’t get there in time. So we settled for what I, and most people I know, consider the best poboys in the great state of Louisiana. It’s a small local joint on the University of Louisiana at Lafayette campus: Olde Tyme Grocery. Don’t be fooled by the name – it’s not actually a grocery store anymore. Also, it is cash or check only – so make sure you stop at an ATM beforehand!

Rambo and I got a whole Olde Tyme Special to share since we had plans for dessert with Little J. An Olde Tyme Special is ham, turkey, roast beef, swiss, mayo, mustard, lettuce and tomato. Little J met us at Olde Tyme to chat while we finished our poboy, and then we went over to Walk-Ons to try their fabled bread pudding. Trust me, you DON’T want to know this exists. It’s bread pudding made from Krispy Kreme doughnuts. This bread pudding is so amazing. Insanely sweet – the drizzle on this isn’t the traditional whiskey sauce, it’s doughnut glaze. Walk-Ons in Lafayette used to use a local donut shop for their bread pudding, but the corporate office made the sad decision to switch it to Krispy Kreme so that all of the stores have the same menu items. This is sad for every person on the planet, because Meche’s Donut King is a superior donut. Further, using Meche’s helped a local donut shop rather than a tasteless chain. Krispy Kreme had a shop in Lafayette for a few months, but it had to close because no one in Lafayette preferred them to Meche’s. After our bread pudding, we bid farewell to Little J.

Rambo and I went back to New Orleans and were wanting supper near the hotel. Sadly, the closest restaurant that was still open was the New Orleans branch of Walk-Ons. Since we hadn’t actually eaten any of the food, we decided to give it a go. Rambo got the boudin balls. Boudin is essentially a rice pilaf with sausage that is usually served in a casing similar to sausage. Occasionally you get it rolled into balls and deep fried. Both ways are delicious if you’ve got a good boudin.They were so tasty. The sauce that came with it was yummy – some sort of horseradish sauce. Too much of it wasn’t very good though – seeing as I’m not a huge horseradish fan. I opted for the Catfish Atchafalaya – two catfish filets topped with crawfish étouffée and fried crawfish tails. Very yummy. The étouffée was different for me – it was a creole étouffée. That means it has different flavors and ingredients than a cajun étouffée (what I’m used to) would have.
After our supper, we went out to Bourbon Street. Rambo attempted to drink ALL of the Bourbon, but I don’t think he succeeded. Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop is a cool place. It’s kinda down far past all of the other bars, but it’s defo worth the walk. It’s small and lit by candlelight AND there’s a piano in the back that you can sit around while someone plays it! We found this guy. As a Saints fan, I loved it! And we found these cool cats playing jazz.  Oh, and there was a Transformer. He would scrunch down and his car would drive around, and then he would stand up and pose for photos. And then there was the wedding parade!

This was a cool sight to see! Definitely caught me off guard though!


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