Road Trip: Day 1

The weather was pretty dreary, which made photos and enjoying the time in the car not so great. The gray and drizzle made us both very sleepy. We stopped at the state line/tourist information center and took the obligatory photos.

We got back in the car and drove on. We had lunch plans in Natchitoches! Even though I’m from Louisiana, I had never had the “famous” meat pies in Natchitoches. So Rambo and I decided that would be lunch.

Lasyone’s – Famous Meat Pies
Rambo’s Meat Pie
My Crawfish Pie
Jalapeño Kickers

The meat pie was way yummier than the crawfish pie. Rambo’s dirty rice and my jalapeño kickers were pretty tasty too. (The crawfish pie was good, don’t get me wrong. The shell of the meat pie was what made it better. It wasn’t nearly as deep-fried and crusty.)

After our pies, we continued on to Lafayette in search of Little J and boiled crawfish.

We found Little J! I guess it’s not that surprising to find someone in their kitchen…
Then she took us to crawfish!
Me and Little J

Little J took us to Crawfish Time on Ridge Road. This place is only open from 5-9 during crawfish season. Boiled crawfish is all they do. They have a hole in the center of the table that has a trash can under it so you can chuck the shells easily and don’t need a second tray for the not so yummy bits. Little J and I each got 3 pounds of crawfish with mushrooms – I mixed it up a bit on got a link of boudin to go with it. SO MUCH YUM. It’s been years since I last had crawfish. This was EVERYTHING I had hoped and dreamed it would be.

After stuffing ourselves silly with crawfish, Rambo and I headed on to our final destination for the evening: New Orleans.


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