Noodles and Sushi.

I met Mom in town for lunch today, and we went to Mango’s Noodle House. It was such a yummy break from the usual food we eat!

Goi Cuon Thit Nuong 

Also known as Grilled Pork Spring Rolls

SOOO yum. I realized at lunch that Vietnamese spring rolls trump every other kind of roll for me. These pork spring rolls were the best start to a meal for me.

After we polished off the rolls, Twang (yes, that was his name) brought us our mains.
Mom and I went for the best way to eat lunch – we split 2 mains!
Bun Thit Nuong – Grilled Pork Vermicelli
I discovered this many years ago on a culinary adventure with my friend. So much goodness in one bowl. Luckily, our second main came out a bit after this and so we were able to devour this in peace without having to worry about ignoring our other dish. 
This leans me to our second main!
Volcano Roll 
The Volcano Roll had scallops and crawfish on top of the sushi. It was delish. The scallops were beautifully done. They were like butter as you ate them. The crawfish was also wonderful. It was lightly fried (tempura) and had great flavor.
Mango’s is a wee bit on the pricey side. We both had water to drink and our bill was $30. If you’re looking for a yummy lunch, I definitely recommend Mango’s.

What do you think?

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