A Bit of Britain in Addison.

Mom and I went to lunch at The Londoner Pub in Addison. It was delish! Sorry for the poor photo quality – I forgot to grab my camera as we left the house.

They have a huge and lovely patio. I think they are leashed-doggie friendly too!

Sadly there’s no payphone inside.

I was stoked to find out they had bottles of Magner’s cider!

The bottle was not the same size as they sell in pubs in Britain, they were a bit smaller. This made me sad, but only for a second until I sipped on the deliciousness and was brought back to when I spent a month studying and drinking copious amounts of Magners in London with my then-roomie K. Of course I immediately sent her this photo to make her drool and wish she was nearer and could join me! Mom and I split the Macaroni and Cheese as a starter.

Let me tell you. This was hands-down the best mac n cheese I’ve EVER eaten. Mom said sorry Granny, this is better than yours! Mom then regaled me with tales of the olden days and my Granny’s mac n cheese. The cheese sauce for this is absolutely sublime. Mom and I agreed that next time we go, the mac n cheese will be our lunch! After we finished gobbling this gift from God up, our mains came out.

Chicken and Avocado Sandwich with chips
Sambal Chicken Naan Bread Pizza minus the blue cheese

Rambo pointed out that Mom’s lunch wasn’t very British. She said the chicken was a bit dry, but the yummy avocado made up for it and moistened the chicken with every bite. My Sambal Chicken Naan Bread Pizza was really good. I would definitely recommend it. Unfortunately, after the stellar mac n cheese, nothing else had a chance at living up to that. All in all, I recommend The Londoner if you’re around Addison and looking for good pub food. Or good beer. They have a pretty extensive beer and liquor list. After my bottle of Magners, I switched over to a pint of Crispin. I’m a huge fan of cider. Be careful if you’re going on the weekend as they offer a truncated menu for Brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.


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