Bishop Arts District!

Today my mom and I went into Oak Cliff and walked around the Bishop Arts District. I’m not sure if it’s really a proper “district” per se, or more of just an unofficial collection of shops on the same corner.  It exists on Google as a thing, but GoogleMaps doesn’t recognize it as a destination for directions. Sorry if this post is a bit photo-heavy. There was just too much beauty that we took in today not to share it all with you!

Corner of North Bishop Avenue and Eighth Street

The DART trains don’t have great access to this part of town, but you can get off at Union Station and take a bus there. Mom and I opted to drive there instead, and there was loads of free parking available when we arrived at noon. We ate lunch at a cool hamburger joint called Hunky’s. There are two Hunky’s – one in the Bishop Arts District, and the original location is in Oak Lawn. Next time I’ll probably check out the original location  since it’s a wee bit closer to home.

It has a nice ambiance inside – it makes you feel like you’ve walked into a time capsule. They have gorgeous blue tables with brown and blue chairs to match! My mom got the Chipotle Cheeseburger with added slices of avocado.
It was very yummy, but it was not spicy at all. We had both expected a kick to it, but the chipotle flavors were very subtle. I got the Buffalo Cheeseburger (with mozzarella cheese) with Sweet Potato Fries.

My Buffalo burger was tasty, however the buffalo meat was a bit dry. I felt like this might be due to getting it overcooked though. The Sweet Potato Fries were super delish though. Mom and I killed almost all of them! We also got a small order of the Jalapeño Poppers served with ranch dressing to share.

There were three of them, but Mom got so excited she ate one before I could whip my camera out!
The Poppers were almost as good as the Fries! Mom said that the first one she got, the cheese hadn’t melted all the way. That wasn’t the case for the other two though! Personally, Mom and I prefer when Poppers aren’t spicy and the jalapeño is there for flavor and not for spice. That being said, these Poppers played right into our idea of delicious Poppers! Overall, Hunky’s was a huge success for lunch and I can’t wait to go back again! By the time we finished in Hunky’s, the weather had turned and it began to drizzle incessantly. I experienced this kind of rain in Glasgow….. like everyday. Glaswegians (or Weegies) have a word for this kind of annoying rain – smirry rain (a.k.a. rain that gets you wet). Since it rains so often in Glasgow, they have different terms for the kind of rain that’s happening outside. I think “rain that gets you wet” has to be my favorite though. I once asked a Weegie what kind of rain doesn’t get you wet once. He laughed at me like “silly American girl, you just don’t understand rain”. Back to today, off into the smirry rain we went without any sort of protection from the rain. The Bishop Arts District was really cool. There were lots of shops that were unique. We went into a few of them. One letterpress shop had the cutest shopkeeper:
This cutie met us at the door as soon as we walked in. After greeting us, he ran off to tend to other customer’s needs.
Make sure you look down alleyways as you walk around as there are lots of awesome murals.

Some of them are more in-your-face (and much larger than the alleyway works).

“Neighborhoods, like people, are more interesting when they have a past.” Original streetcar stop and home of Oak Cliff Pharmacy
There are quite a few restaurants in the District, however, many of them were not open for lunch. So be sure to check their opening times before making the trip. 
A French bistro I’m dying to try

Some of the cool outdoor seating at Eno’s
Trees with lights outside of Eno’s
Other cool things we saw there.
The fence outside of Emporium
Pebble + Pine shop window. Amurrica!
Coin shoe prints in the concrete outside of Lucia

After getting pretty soaked walking around, we hopped in the car and drove over to Jefferson Boulevard to see the Texas Theatre. 

The Texas is still a working theatre with one screen, and right now it’s showing “Oz The Great and Powerful”. The barman was very kind and told me that I was allowed to take photographs inside. Knowing some of the history of the Texas, I opted to make the donation that they request for giving a tour since the barman pointed out some of the things to look for as we walked around. 
Just inside the lobby
The lobby

The Texas Bar
Stairs to the balcony/extra restrooms
For any non-history buffs out there, the Texas Theatre is where Lee Harvey Oswald was apprehended after assassinating President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 in Dealey Plaza. The film he snuck into to evade police was “War is Hell!” They still have the movie poster upstairs and it’s been signed by one of the stars and the shop owner who saw him sneak in and reported it to Dallas PD.

They have some pretty awesome foyers to the balcony bathrooms too.
And, generally speaking, nice seating in the balcony area to enjoy some drinks.

Mom and I had a blast wandering around the Texas. I’d love to go back for the actual tour – in hopes that they give you lots of fun tidbits about the theatre’s history. It’s absolutely gorgeous.
Wandering around the Texas was the last thing we did in the Bishop Arts District today. I highly recommend it for someone looking for a wee adventure in Dallas. It’s a very cool (slightly hipster-y) little place and I would love to go back when the weather is a bit better. 

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